Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stained Glass Fun

Today, the Pilot Guy and I dabbled in something new. Stained glass.
We took a class where we learned how to cut, polish, foil, flux, and solder bits of colored glass.
Very fun!
The teacher, Donna from Merry Go Round Stained Glass in Ft. Worth, talked about how much she loves working with glass. She said when she is working with glass, all her cares fade away.
I must say I had the same 'in the zone' feeling during class. All the steps were almost mediative in their process.

Here's what I made:
Here's what The Pilot Guy made. His was much more intricate than mine.

I have dreams of
colored glass
dancing in my head.

In the window...

6 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

Jenileigh said...

Gorgeous! I love the pics! How sweet to do this together!

DebD said...

Oh I've always loved stained glass and both of those look lovely.

Rhonda said...

I've always thought that would be so much fun. Not sure Bob we "appreciate" me starting another new hobby though.

Sweet P said...

How cool to take a creative class together. Both of your pieces are gorgeous.

Lisa said...

How lovely, Deb! What a fun new adventure. I know that "in the zone" feeling well. Isn't it great?!

Cathe said...

Wow - I love that! You should make quilt blocks in stained glass. I used to have one, but it broke during a move. It was so pretty hanging in the sunlight...