Monday, January 19, 2009



Jean, in a comment to a recent post, said that reading many books on writing didn't make her a writer. It made her a reader.


A clean shot right through the heart.

I've often joked that reading about writing was as good as writing. (Isn't it? Are you sure?) But, Jean has it right. If we continue to read..... And read some more.......And read again, then we are spending our time not creating.

My photography mentor often told me that I had everything I needed within me to succeed. Still do. I need only to limit my reading about writing (quilting, gardening, photography, etc.), settle down and create. I know enough.

Frankly, actually doing something can be scary, whether it's writing a story, picking out fabrics for a quilt project or breaking ground on a new garden bed. It's anteing up and saying you want to play the game. Sometimes the game is filled with hard knocks, losses, and disappointments. On the other hand, you can't win anything if you don't play.

To that end....I started on a non-fiction book proposal today for an idea I've turned over in my mind for about six months. I plan to have the proposal complete before Valentine's Day.

It's time to ante up and get in the game.

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Joanne said...

Deb - good for you and good luck. I shall be eager to hear what you are up to in non-fiction. Indeed, it's too easy to fake writing - the prep, the reads, the exercises.

However, sooner or later one needs to plop the butt in the chair and write. I like the concept I read(!) from Nora Eprhon on "butt glue". Sit, stick it, and write!

Excellent entries and pics on your blog.