Monday, July 20, 2009

Memoir Monday ~ Where Were You?

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Today's topic for Memoir Monday practically writes itself. Forty years ago today, man walked on the moon.

Where were you when Neil and Buzz first stepped on that beautifully desolate landscape?
How old were you?
What are you memories of Apollo 11 and the rest of the American space program?
Did man walking on the moon directly affect your thinking or decisions?
If you are too young to remember the actual event, seize this opportunity to find out where your parents or grandparents were on that day.

At age twelve and already a science fiction devotee, I loved the space program. To me, the Apollo missions gave a strong foundation to my reading. Anything seemed possible. As a family, we watched every mission from lift-off to splash-down. I still get tears in my eyes when I remember the Christmas morning when Apollo 8 looped the moon for the first time. The astronauts read from Genesis about the earth's form. It was a lovely moment.

As I said, I was twelve years old. My mom and dad hosted a gathering of family at our house that day, very much like a holiday event. Grandparents, uncles. The mood was joyful expectation. Food, fun, and anticipation. That day was the first and only time we set up a net across the dining room table and played ping pong. It's funny the things you remember.

My uncle, who is only five years older than I and at that moment, a budding photographer, set up a twin lens reflex camera on the coffee table in front of my parent's console TV. In those days before VCRs and DVRs, he wanted to capture the images on screen to the more permanent medium of film. I remember him saying he had to slow the shutter speed down to 1/30 of a second in order to 'sync' up with the TV. My uncle went on to spend almost thirty years as a photo-journalist.

We all cheered when we heard Neil Armstrong say the Eagle had landed. It was a great time of celebration. Later that evening, well after my normal bedtime, it was just our family around the TV taking in those grainy black and white images of Neil Armstrong stepping out on the moon.

The moon landing, in fact the entire Apollo program, made me think our country could do anything. Even more, it made me believe I could do anything. Education and work were the keys.

As a family who emphasized seizing both educational and travel opportunities, we saw the space program as the ultimate of both. Looking back, I can see my mom thought her children would have the opportunity to travel in space during their lifetimes. Certainly, in her grandchildren's lifetimes. I know that my twelve year old self believed forty years into the future our society would have a few colonies on the moon and would have traveled to Mars.


So...the question begs to be answered...where do you want to 'boldly go?' Where do you need to make a giant leap? Where are your footsteps being left?

Forty years from now, what do you want people remembering about you?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

All Who Wander Are Not Lost...


"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."
Author: St. Augustine

We are out 'reading' a part of the world these days. Seattle and Vancouver to be precise. It's been a great trip so far. Smooth flights, good hotels, easy drives...the weather has been warmer than typical for the Pacific Northwest...which means I've not been too cold. Refreshingly cool is the way I'd describe it.

There have been a few very interesting creative moments I'll share with you in coming days. There have also been some flat out awe inspiring gardening moments to share as well.

Here's a few photos to share the flavor of the trip...


Monday, July 6, 2009

Memoir Monday ~ Fourth of July


We just had a great time with family and friends over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. I hope you did, too!

What memories do you have of the Fourth?
What did your family do to celebrate?
Did you stay home or travel?
Were you around for the country's bi-centennial celebration?
What foods make the holiday special?
Who made those foods?
Who were the people you remember spending time with?
Any special or unique outfits or activities?

What's YOUR favorite memory of the Fourth of July?



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