Monday, July 6, 2009

Memoir Monday ~ Fourth of July


We just had a great time with family and friends over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. I hope you did, too!

What memories do you have of the Fourth?
What did your family do to celebrate?
Did you stay home or travel?
Were you around for the country's bi-centennial celebration?
What foods make the holiday special?
Who made those foods?
Who were the people you remember spending time with?
Any special or unique outfits or activities?

What's YOUR favorite memory of the Fourth of July?



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4 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

Being Beth said...

Did you ever post your Monday Memoirs -- Engagements? Mine is up -- buried three deep by now, but still up last week (Thursday, I think).

Joanne said...

North Wales, PA celebrated the bicentennial in a BIG way. Parades, ground displays, and a huge aerial show. It was fantastic. Plus, being forty minutes outside of Philly, July tended to be a huge month.

Personally, I remember my father annoyed because he could never get the charcoal grill lit properly. Bees would swarm around the sweet Jersey ears of corn as I tried to husk them. And it seemed as if everybody but our family was headed to the shore. Aaahh! memories. Sparklers more than made up for it all!

Being Beth said...

Just letting you know that you've been tagged ;) And even if you don't do it, I will be happy just knowing that I may be directing people to your blog b/c I think it is awesome.

Being Beth said...

It's THursday, July 16, a few days late, but I finally posted my Memoir Monday on July 4th.

Of course, YOU are living it up in the coolness of the PNW. We're supposed to get a temp break tomorrow with highs in the low 90's - BRING IT ON!!!!

Remember our breakfast next Friday.