Friday, January 9, 2009

Transplanting Roses

Let it be known....

if you decide to transplant a rose from one part of your yard to another, be you make the first cut into the earth with your shovel, the rose will triple in size. The amount of effort, strength, and sweat to make the transfer will also have to triple.

The rose will demand and take a blood sacrifice from the gardener(s) before allowing itself to be uprooted and replanted.

These are the facts of rose gardening, my friends. We have the aching backs and thorn-marked skin to prove it.

But, its worth the effort...
Republic of Texas Rose

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Being Beth said...

I very much need to transplant my rose bushes. The home owner before me planted them, and they are way too close together and thus get that nasty black spot disease every year. I've never transplanted roses and have been afraid I'll kill them. is there anything I should know before attempting to do this job? Any recommendations besides what you've written here? The three bushes that need to be moved are, of course, my favorites.

I'm much more afraid of killing my beauties than I am of rose wounds - in a way they are a badge of honor and courage and mark me as someone who knows exquisite beauty when she sees and smells it.