Friday, March 6, 2009

Ta-Da Friday ~ March 6, 2009


Here is a special ta-da. I finished this long narrow wall hanging the other day. I'm so pleased with how it turned out because it has a very sentimental meaning. Let me explain...

I'm one of six sister-in-laws. The Pilot Guy is one of six sons in his family, no biological sisters. Some time ago, we ladies decided to do a cross-stitch exchange project. There were specific details on size and we had an entire year to complete all of them. When did we do this, you ask?

Nineteen years ago.

At Christmas in 1990, we gathered to exchange our work. Unfortunately, one of my sis in laws chose not to do a cross stitched piece. We'd all done one for her, but... Well, you can imagine that the rest of us were somewhat flummoxed by the situation. How could we put together our projects if one of us hadn't participated? It was an odd and awkward situation for us. Five of us put our exchanged pieces away safely and hoped for wisdom. It wasn't long before time swept us on and I, frankly, forgot about the project.

A few years after this, our sis in law #2 became ill. For years she fought to live as normal and as long a life as possible, but lost the battle in early 2007. To say we mourned is an understatement. I wish you could have known her. She was a genuine Creative Soul.

Not long after that, wise quilting sis-in-law #1 dug out her cross-stitch pieces and made a delightful wall hanging from them. She generously offered to do the same for any of us. Somehow it was much easier to not worry about the missing piece from the sis in law who didn't participate. Over the years, she had decided not to participate in many things with the family. I guess we were used to it by then. And we really needed to honor the work of the sis in law who had died. I've put mine together. It was such a sweet pleasure to work with these pieces. I love these women beyond words....and miss the one who sews in heavenly sewing rooms these days tremendously. They are both sisters of the heart and dear friends.

From Trae...

From Hermion, who died in 2007

From Denise...

From Tina...

Mine is the blue one in the middle, since I'm married to a middle guy.

I also finished a few more porch pillows. Fun and fast. Way better than the blah store bought ones that had been there. I suspect I'll collect outdoor fabric and keep on making these. I like them.

I've also finished the baby gift, but haven't photographed it yet.

What have you completed or worked on this week?

10 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

DebD said...

What a beautiful wall hanging and such a lovely story to go with it. May Hermion's Memory be Eternal!

Rhonda said...

You're right! I do love this Ta-Da. The passage of time makes it even more special. It is never to late to create, say thank you or I'm sorry.

Amber said...


It looks great! Mom would've been proud. :)

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

What a wonderful story! And also a great object lesson in not letting others hold us back from what we intend to do! Either get on the bus or get out of the way.

Do your SILs live closeby?

SoCalPam said...

Ta Da indeed! It is a lovely way to exhibit the love shown in all the stitching. The best part is that since you determined the way the stitching would be exhibited, the "left out" one doesn't even signify.

Being Beth said...

This is a beautiful piece. I love the way you chose to display the handiwork.

The only thing I wanted, oh humble lady, is to see a close up of YOUR square.

I've still got a bit of afterglow going from Thursdays outing. Thanks, girlfriend.

Joanne said...

Deb - lovely work. You are so creative. I used to do math homework or write papers if someone would sew for me in Home-Ec. God, I was dreadful. Lovely work and a story to go with it - great combo! Ta-Da indeed.


DebMc said...

Thanks All. Since you asked I'll post my square in a future post.

Cheri, my sis-in-laws all live in Texas...which isn't exactly close. We gather twice a year...Thanksgiving for our Christmas celebration and a huge blow-out for the Fourth of July. Long walks and talks at those times keep us well as email, facebook, and blogging.

Joanne...that is too funny. I survived math by clawing with my fingernails.

Amber--I'm glad you dropped by.

Jenileigh said...

I'm so tender tonight, this made me cry. Its so beautiful. Such a beautiful story behind a beautiful piece of art.

Hugs my Deb. I miss you.

Sweet P said...

What a beautiful wall hanging and what a wonderful tribute to your SIL.