Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fickle Spring

An old legend says the reason the weather this time of year is so volatile is that old man Winter wages a last battle or two with the young maiden of Spring. Winter may be old, but he is sneaky and catches Spring unaware. Spring herself is a youth in the midst of the hormonal challenges of growing up.

No wonder the weather is less than predictable.

These are my tender tomato plants tucked in for a cold night. While the winds raged at 30 mph and the temps dropped to the mid thirties, hopefully, the tomatoes slept snug and warm under their shelters.

Since I'd already made the mental change to warmth and actually pulled shorts and sandals out of the closet, I'm less than pleased.

However, I am thankful there's no snow on my green grass, too. And that I have a warm, cheerful quilt to snuggle under.

Keep yourself warm and working for the Spring Theme Challenge. The deadline is April 9th. Thanks for all those who already sent comments and photos!

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Joanne said...

Here in Texas, we'll leap into summer far too quickly. Spring is a challenge!