Thursday, March 26, 2009


An interesting, challenging, and thoughtful talk on creativity by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of 'Eat, Pray, Love.'

Elizabeth Gilbert on Creativity

You don't know how much I wish all Creative Soul readers could gather for coffee after hearing a speaker like this. What wonderful discussion we would have.

Thanks to Becky for alerting me to this talk and to Tom for teaching me how to embed a video in my blog post. I've learned something new today!

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Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

Yes. Go to the video page, click on the share button. You want to copy the link for Embed video. Edit your post. Click on the EDIT HTML tab rather than the COMPOSE tab. You should. Then paste the copied text into the blog where you want the video to be. Click publish and it should work. I tried it on mine, and it does. Blogger.

DebMc said...

It worked! Thanks, Tom!

Being Beth said...

Oh my...

This creative soul will meet for coffee and a discussion on this talk -- Cracker Barrel, Starbucks? You name it and day/time, and I'll be there.

And thanks to Becky, Tom, Deb, and Elizabeth Gilbert for giving me such a boost today.


Anonymous said...

I've heard something like this before -- and again it was an ancient culture -- the ancient Hawaiian's Huna.

They thought there were three selves -- our normal self (a conscious mind they would say today, the Mule as Elizabeth might say, a small, limited-focus worker bee that toils away at a task), a lower self (the unconscious mind, a medium capacity storehouse of experiences, values, beliefs, etc., and the conductor/coordinator/filterer of all your bodily senses, processes and emotions, and loyalty to you and the forethought of like a 5 or 6 year old.) and finally, the higher self which could talk with all the other higher selves (the collective consciousness of the universe some might say, that unknown place from which Elizabeth said all inspiration comes).

From what I've read about Huna, the main issue was there is no direct connection from the normal self to the higher self...but you could make a connection from your normal self to your lower self, and then your lower self could relay the message to your higher self. If you knew how to communicate constructively with your lower self...modern folks might call this the Hawaaiian's equivalent of prayer.

And if your need for help or knowledge or insight or inspiration would benefit enough people and make the world a better place, your higher self would send what you needed across to you.

Isn't it interesting that the same muse archetype shows up again and again in multiple cultures? --Jane

The American Indians also had a kind of muse -- I think they called them spirit guides -- and ordeals and sweat lodge rituals to communicate with them.

Tom - 7th Street Cottage said...

You're welcome. I'm still learning a lot of the tricks blogger offers, but this was one of the first I tried. Looks great. I'll have to watch it later. Back to work!

Allie said...

That was fascinating. Thanks for sharing that Deb! BTW - I've really missed you! Hugs!

Becky said...

Well, I am breaking my vow of not posting to blogs until I have started a blog of my own to share! Maybe someday soon... I would LOVE to meet with other creative souls over coffee, lunch, whatever for a discussion on creativity, as inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert's speech! (Neat how you embedded the video into your blog--I am impressed!)