Monday, June 15, 2009

Memoir Monday ~ Travel


We've been delving into lots of memories in the last few weeks. Sifting through photos for the Baseball guy's graduation was the trigger I think. He is the infant in the photo above. It is amazing to me how very quickly my sons grew from infants to taller-than-me men.

It is fun to hear my guys tell stories about our lives. Their perspective, their interpretations. To hear what made them laugh and what surprised them. We may not always agree on what exactly happened moment by moment, but it is fun to share family stories. Those experiences, those memories, and those stories tie us together. A unique bond.

I'd like to capture more of my memories in story form. We have tales which used to be told by The Pilot Guy's dad or my parents. Right now they are held in our heads, but I want them on paper to be enjoyed. Too many of my dad's stories died with him. The same with my mom.

For the next few weeks ~ a summer project, I'm initiating Memoir Monday. Each week will have a theme. Join me in writing a memory of the past, for the future. If you post your memoir on your blog, leave a link in the comments section so we can all enjoy. And not just your own memories....if you are headed to a family gathering of some sort this summer, take a notepad. Even better, take a video camera and a recorder. Be the story catcher in your family.

This week's theme is travel. Write about a trip or a vacation. Write about the first time you traveled by boat, or airplane, or ox cart. Write up a funny or scary or poignant memory of a place not your home. Foods, scents, sights...what sticks in your mind about a place?

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4 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

Allie said...

Excellent idea, Deb. I love your "story catcher" idea.

Jenileigh said...

Just wanted to stop by and give you hug. Love and miss you much!

Joanne said...

travel tales are always thought provoking. For me, I flash back to the Jersey shore - Ocean City. Plenty of "drowned rat" pics in our summer photo albums. Morning bikes on the boardwalk, all day of being buffeted by the waves, and then slipping on a jacket as the night breeze kicks up and the heat of the sunburn chills you. Aaahh - good times. Have fun writing your memories, Deb


Being Beth said...

Just posted my Memoir Monday plus Father's Day photo's.