Wednesday, June 3, 2009



I've been so busy and distracted by the ending of school and graduation that I haven't spent much time being purely creative.

I've missed it.

Once while elbow deep in some aspect of those final days of schooling, I suddenly craved a little time with Daniel and Sarah, characters from the book I wrote last fall. I craved the opportunity to revisit their story. It stirred up a need to see how all my characters are doing. I've left too many of them in limbo for too long.

Soon, I told them (and myself.)

The last couple of days, I've spent hours at my sewing table. Curtains, a purse, --both without a pattern--and starting on a garden themed wall hanging.

I've written a wee bit.

The other day, The Pilot Guy and I indulged in some wondermous new glass for stained glass projects.

I feel much better. Much, much better.

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Sweet P said...

Boy, I certainly understand the "need" to spend time creating. If I don't get regular creative time I get very cranky! Have fun creating.