Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday ~ Spring blooms

These and more are blooming in my yard this week.

Bridal bush
Bright bridal bush blooms
Bridal bush
Tulips and dianthus. By next week, the tulips will be done.
tulips and dianthus

Happy Spring!

8 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

Cathe said...

That's it. I am boycotting your blog.

Meliss said...

Beautiful! I can almost smell the flowers!

DebMc said...

LOL! Oh, Cathe, don't boycott. I drool over your quilts.

Lorna said...

So much colour already. You have very green fingers.

Kat said...

So pretty. I wish I had the patience to garden. Or the deep pockets to hire one! I love wisteria. We have a neighbor with some in their front yard...but they have it situated like a bush rather than a place for the vine to crawl up. It looks sooo strange!

Lisa said...

Lovely! Is that a spirea bush in the middle? Such an abundance of blooms.

Paige said...

Beautiful flowers!

Jean said...

The wisteria and spirea are wonderful this year, aren't they?

You have tulips! The effort for me to have tulips finally was more than I was willing to put forth with the chillin' -- then I see these and think, "Maybe some purple next year...."