Wednesday, April 16, 2008


We interrupt Creative Soul for a few thoughts on federal income taxes.

Since we are self-employed, we write a check to the IRS every year. Not fun. It is my opinion that if everyone had to write a quarterly or yearly check instead of having taxes automatically withdrawn we would have tax reform in a matter of months. It hurts to write that check.

That said, I was daydreaming about what we could do with amount we sent in yesterday.

1. Buy a new car. A nice one.

2. Even better, we could buy two gently used cars.

3. Pay for a trip to Italy. For a month. For all four of us.

4. Ditto for France. Even with the euro trashing the dollar.

5. Build a barn/workshop/greenhouse out back.

6. Buy 1683 books at Barnes and Noble.

7. Buy 20,405 Dr Pepper's during Sonic Happy Hour.

Want to get the economy moving? Give me our money back. GRIN

Just writing out the check reminds me we are blessed. The Pilot Guy has a great flying opportunity. I get to homeschool, write, garden, and create. We have a lovely home and enough cash to have some fun after the bills are paid. We can help others less fortunate and support causes we believe in. Just as dirty dishes in the sink tell you that you've not gone hungry, April 15th tells me we have plenty.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

6 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

Lisa said...

Well, at least you have the consolation that you've had the money in your possesion and possibly earned interest on it. For those of us expecting a refund, the government has had our money (too much of it even) all year and they don't pay interest. ;-(

See, there truly is a silver lining to every cloud!

Happy tax day!

Being Beth said...

All right, Deb, you issued the challenge -- check out MY blog -- just did it today. I haven't written an acutal post yet -- you are on Wed./Fri. so maybe I'll do a Tues./Thurs. posting. I've got to get my daughter to take some new photo's of me -- I've lost a lot of weight this year -- 35 lbs - really shows in my face.

Well, that's it -- just wanted to let you know I accepted your challenge, girlfriend!


DebMc said...

Lisa, too true. We don't earn much interest, but what we do earn is ours. Thanks for pointing out that sliver of a silver lining.

Beth! Yay, girl. I love an answered challenge! I'll be visiting soon.

Cathe said...

Not just that (writing the check), but I also think that elections should be held at the same time of year in which we pay taxes instead of giving us 6 months to forget about them first!

Sweet P said...

I can relate to taxes. We are part owners in a family business and we always file an extension. This year we had to pay a rather large sum. I can't wait until next year when new home ownership takes affect on our tax bill.

Rose said...

I'm sorry for the pain that taxes cause you. Been there, done that.
I'm not going there again!!