Friday, April 11, 2008

Ta-Da Friday


Happy Friday, everyone! I hope your week has been happy, productive, creative, and meaningful.

This week I used my creativity to:

design a couple of graphic art pieces for our church. Nate and I will be putting up a display area in the foyer as well. That's my thinking project for today.

work on my pond project, adding plants to the pond as well as plantings around it. A small snafu in that I brought a water lily home with me, but it seems water lilies are happier in quiet, still water. One of the features of my pond is the little splashy fountain. I love that sound and don't want to give it up. Will I need another pond just for the little lily? Hmmmmmm....

spent some time fussing at my camera because it won't focus where *I* want it to focus when doing close ups. I suppose that means some time with the manual is in order.

lots of gardening. I'll be doing some more creative staring at a few places where the beds need to be re-worked or created. Stare, plan, dig. Is that how it should work?

Yikes, there is no writing on that list. How did that happen? Ta-Da Fridays keeps me accountable to myself and my muse. How about you?

Happy Creating!

5 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

Tim said...

Stare, plan, dig... so that is how it works. I usually forget the first two.

Jenileigh said...

Beautiful garden :)

Paige said...

Love the fountain! Can't wait to see your display!

Teclado e Mouse said...
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Rose said...

What a sweet little fountain, Deb! Do you have a gold fish in it?