Thursday, April 10, 2008

An Interesting Quote

Mutablis, the butterfly rose

From Thomas Moore's 'A Life At Work'
"C. G. Jung once wrote that creativity is an instinct, not an optional gift granted to a lucky few. If you don't find a way to be creative in life, that instinct goes repressed and frustrated. You feel its loss as a deflation, the spirit leaking out of your sense of self. You feel empty, disengaged, and unfulfilled."

Wow, that really rang a bell with me. I know I get out of sorts when I'm not actively involved in something creative and fulfilling. Lately, I'm stretched thin with all sorts of responsibilities. People need my talent or, at least, my hands to fill a necessary task. I love it until the moment when I don't. Then it is time to hibernate and recharge.

I read somewhere that an extrovert recharges by being with other people. An introvert needs to pull away from others. I love people. Really I do. Most days. But only if I get enough quiet time, too.

Balance, elusive balance is the key.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

6 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

Sweet P said...

I'm definitely an introvert. My job requires to deal with many people throughout the day, but I'm happiest when I can work with little or not interruption. By the time I get home at night the last think I want to do is be around people. DH is OK, but more than that and I feel overwhelmed. Evenings and weekends are my time to re-energize.

Cathe said...

Totally introvert.

Jenileigh said...

I'm both and I never know what each month will bring!

You may have read on HSC that I'm taking a long internet break. I wanted to stop by and say goodbye and let you know that I'm hosting a giveaway and welcome you to stop on over and participate! Hugs and I'll see you soon!

MindFul MiMi said...

I am an introverted extrovert or the other way around. i like people, I can talk, but I need my alone time to balance, to be creative, to paint, write, sing, read etc. it is not always easy to find that balance.

Lisa said...

I am a pretty extreme introvert. I need large quantities of time alone to recharge. I can be a real people person for a while, but I pay for it in the end if I'm not careful. My switch can flip at any moment. All of a sudden I've had enough and I need to put up that wall of protection or risk losing some of myself. I know the feeling all too well of too many people needing a part of me and too many responsibilities hanging over my head.

Have you ever taken a Meyers Briggs personality profile test? If not, do a search for one and then read about your type. It is very revealing! I am an INFJ. The first letter of the type is I for introvert or E for extrovert.

Rose said...

Hi Deb, I'm an introvert in person but it seems a bit of an extrovert when writing. I love being alone and I almost despise being around a lot of people. I think that comes from working in the medical field for so long.

I received your giveaway package a few days ago. Thank you so much. I have already put part of it to very good use. Can you guess which part?