Friday, April 4, 2008

Ta-Da Friday ~ April 4, 2008

This was a fun and productive week. I will admit I'm ready for ds's baseball season to slow down so I have a few more hours a day not at the ball park. I love baseball, but he plays both JV and Varsity, which means a game almost every day.

I wrote 800 plus words for a marriage article. Very rough, but the words are on the hard drive.

I wrote a 'flash' fiction. Also very rough, but it was my first attempt at telling a story in such a short form.

Indulged in a bit of fun photography.


I participated in the 'Spring Training Swap' hosted by Paula at Coffee Time Quilt Studio. While I had a blast gathering things to send to my swap partner, it was such fun to receive a box from my buddy. Cloe had packaged each item in red, white, or blue tissue ~ Texas Ranger's colors. Then she labeled each one with the name of a Texas Ranger from the opening day starting line up. Fun!
swap packages

But even more fun was opening the packages.....
Swap contents
Indulgent treats, new fabrics, and even a new quilt design to play with. Lots of fun!

In the spirit of that fun, I'm doing a small give-away. If you've read this far, post a comment to be entered in the drawing. I'll draw the winner Tuesday morning.

Thanks for reading Creative Soul.

4 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

Lisa said...

"Flash fiction"

I've been feeling the urge to create some "flash paintings" lately. I attribute it to spring fever! My usual painting technique with acrylics is precise and painstaking, so sometimes I need the freedom of watercolor with its quickness and less-is-more approach.

Sweet P said...

Cloe did a great job on her swap package. Thanks for joining the swap.

I received your package and will post photos later. Thanks so much.

Rose said...

I've never participated in a swap. I have no idea why. Looks like you got some great little goodies there. You were also VERY creative this week. Good on you, Deb!

Sharon said...

Enjoyed reading about your swap. I have never been to one but it does sound interesting to say the least.
I really did enjoy your photos of the one that Cloe did of the Texas Rangers.
Have a great day