Sunday, March 30, 2008


Wouldn't life be lovely if we were accompanied at all times by a soundtrack like characters in a movie?

Today, while in the garden, the music from a Jane Austen movie kept running through my head. I'm convinced the gentleness of the music aided my garden design. Maybe it even kept dirt out from under my fingernails. lol

I don't want to load up my iPod (still sitting empty after all these months) with music and words. I want the music to flow and float around me like the breeze, always at the proper volume and tempo for the scene.

Of course, after a bit I'd need to move from Austen to Aerosmith.

Maybe it's good that I only hear some things in my head.

What would a soundtrack of your life sound like?

5 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

Jenileigh said...

I have no idea what the sound track of my life would sound like but I love Jane Austen. I caught the movie Emma on PBS this weekend at the hotel and I loved this movie! I love flowers and gardens but I'm don't have a green thumb! Maybe one day I'll have more time to focus on things like this. Big Hugs Deb!

pottermom said...

lol.... Jane Austen to Aerosmith. That I can relate to. The soundtrack of my life would be that of a rushing train these days. Then the whoosh of the steam when the brakes release..... I'm still waiting for that stopping sound.

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

I have an empty Ipod...can't seem to find the time to put anything on it? Jane Austen music sounds wonderful to me. But your garden looks lovely.

DebMc said...

Jenileigh, Emma is my favorite Jane Austen. I love that Emma and Mr. Knightly are friends first.

Pottermom, we live near a quiet train track. Often the trains coming in apply their brakes and cause a screeching sound on the tracks. High pitched, grating, and lasting sometimes from a couple of minutes. Drives me nuts. I believe it is the sound the demons in hell must make. I hope your brakes are more active, quiet, and efficient. lol

Colleen...welcome. Thanks for posting. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with an empty iPod. When I commit to writing, I don't want other voices or words in my head. When I'm outside I want to hear the breeze and the birds. Maybe I'm just not an iPod girl.

Cathe said...

A soundtrack of my life would be very quiet. You would keep trying to turn up the volume! LOL ...

Hmmm... the last month has been pretty busy. More like "The Flight of the Bumblebee." Usually, though, it's one of Grieg's more contemplative pieces. Perhaps "Morning Song." Very serene with a predictable tempo.