Friday, March 14, 2008

Ta-Da Friday ~ March 14, 2008

It is me or are Fridays happening faster and faster?

My week was swallowed by a nasty cold, but I still got a bit done. My main project to finish this week was an editing job for a client. Whew....I have to make the final discs, but that is done. Yay!

On tap for the weekend is some painting projects, re-designing the backyard water feature (bigger!), and re-designing my front flowerbeds (also bigger!) I hope the lingering remnants of my cold clear out so I can have fun outside.

What's been happening in your creative life this week?

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SusanC said...

Creative? Not much. Re-reading an old story that I want to finish up and submit. I think it's got good bones.

Wrote a grammar workshop for a friend's blog.

Cleaned my house for my mom's visit!