Monday, March 10, 2008

8 Random Creative Things About Me

One of the memes circulating the blogosphere is the 8 Random Things theme. I've decided to give it a creative twist and make it 8 Random Creative Things About Me.

Here are mine:

1. I love the color purple. Deep, rich, and on the blue side, not the red. Royal. Makes a statement where ever I use it.

2. I love the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh. The first time I saw one in person my skin sizzled with the awareness that the painting wasn't created by an ordinary person. In my quest to see as many Van Gogh's as possible, we've visited the Orsay museum in Paris, the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, and the Kroller-Muller in central Holland.

3. I'm not a modern art person. Sometimes I find things I like, but most of the time modern art seems like someone's idea of a joke to me.

4. I love writers who can draw a visual in my head with their writing. Put me in a place and time and let me live there for a while and I'm a happy person.

5. I speak dialogue out loud when I'm writing. That's why it is crucial for me to work in solitude and silence.

6. My favorite songs are generally related to a movie or real event in life. I'm not a music for music's sake type, but I can hear a song and know when and where it has been used in a movie.

7. I love texture. In paintings, in fabrics, in the garden, or on the surface of a photograph. Hands-on crafting is my favorite because I like to touch the objects.

8. Gardening is a like planning a slow motion fireworks show. This area shines for a few weeks, that area next, then later other areas pop with color and scent.

I'm tagging eight of you to participate in this exercise on your blog. Remember make it your own.

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Have fun!

7 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

Joanna Young said...

I'm glad you played along!

I love the last one - I must try thinking about my gardening efforts like that - have struggled so far to find the image, story or metaphor to make sense of what I'm doing


MindFul MiMi said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Like yours too. We seem to have certain things in common :-) Keep the creativity flowing. It's the spice of life.

Lisa said...

Lol on #5!

I have a very purple fleece cape with a hood that I wear all winter. You'd love it!

I'll be posting my 8 creative things, maybe later today. Awesome tag!

SusanC said...

You got it, Deb. I blogged!

pottermom said...

I actually did it. In my normal wordy way. lol I have the gift of gab, not the gift of conciseness. :)

Tim said...

Your wish is my command. Eight things have appeared.

Sharon said...

I love the color purple. My family thinks I get a little carried away with it. My car is even purple, looked a long time to find one.
Love the way you said #8.