Saturday, December 13, 2008

What's on your To-Do list?

Paper fan ornament
Tis the season of busy.
What's still on your list to accomplish before the big day?
Finishing addressing Christmas cards, seal, send.
Make a pie. Cherry, apple, or pecan?
Wrap some stocking stuffers.
Assemble a Christmas care package for oldest son.
Assemble a birthday care package for oldest son.
Ship care packages.
Drive around and look at Christmas lights
Finish Twilight Zone-ish short story.
Decide on next sewing/quilt project
Ongoing house tidying
Finish gifts for people in our lives. Give.
Here's to checking things off in a timely manner!

3 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

Being Beth said...

Winterize backyard
Christmas cards
Clean refrigerator
Plan stocking stuffers, purchase, wrap
Make candy and rum balls
Bake cookies, pecan tassies, cranberry pies
Plan Christmas Eve and Day meals, grocery shop

Thanks Deb -- this activity lets me see I'm not as swamped as I felt.

Being Beth said...

Well, this has been a productive day!!!

Winterize backyard - check!
Clean Refrigerator - check!
Plan stocking stuffers - check!
Christmas cards - check!
Plan Christmas Eve and Day meals -check!

A half day of shopping, half day of wrapping, a little baking and I'll be done!

Woohoo - and all thanks to your blog.

DebMc said...

Way to go, Beth! I've made some inroads on my list, too. Thanks for the encouragement right back to me.