Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Finished Quilt!


I finished it this morning!

This quilt was my 're-learn to quilt' project. It is a generous lap-sized quilt in rich purple solids, dark greens, and bright sunflower prints. The colors are my favorites and designed to be a cheerful spot of intensity during the cold, gray days of winter.

Some of the corners won't hold up to close scrutiny and the binding has more issues than a magazine subscription, but it's all there. Put together and and use-able.

My theme in 2008 has been Do It! For the later part of the year, I've enhanced the thought with Finish It! By completing the NaNoWriMo challenge, a significant church project, and this little quilt, I feel like I'm on a roll.

This is fun! Now what?

8 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

Being Beth said...

DEB!!!! It turned out so pretty! I love the colors you chose and especially the sunflowers. Not only did you "DO IT" you FINISHED a lot of "IT'S". Yea Deb!!!!

Tim said...

Another labor of love. Great timing as I hear the cold is coming that way. The last part of 'do' is completion. Congratulations on another 'do'.

Sunny said...

It's beautiful!! I'm sure only you know where the "flaws" are and everyone else thinks is perfect!

And congrats on finishing NaNo!! I bet that feels SO good! So is it write for 1 month and spend the next 11 refining it?! :)

DebD said...

Deb, that is beautiful! I love the colors and LOVE the sunflowers.

Cozy in Texas said...

Deb, the quilt is beautiful, cheery, happy colors. Perfect quilts aren't nearly as much fun. I see the little quirks as leaving your own personal stamp on a creative project.

Sweet P said...

Your quilt is beautiful! Great job on it. Also good job on writing throughout November.

Jean said...

Marvelous! I would never have thought of this combo with sunflowers. I love it.
I love the artistic patterns of quilt squares. Tumbling Blocks is my favorite to view.

I've never tried quilting. My mother was an expert quilter and my MIL quilted, so we have ancient quilts tucked away.

Rose said...

Deb, your quilt is awesome!! Way to go girl! I saved it to my inspiration file. I love the way you connected the 9-squares in a row and then used the joining strips in only a horizontal direction. Makes it look completely fresh. :) Great job!

How about trying to improve your skills at terrarium gardening? Could be fun,