Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gift ideas for Creative Souls

Decorated mantle

Need some ideas on how to stuff the stockings of your creative friends? Or, maybe, you need to give a list to someone in your life so they can stuff your stockings in a grand fashion?

1. Small supplies.

For Quilters, a spiffy new rotary cutter with blades, a handmade pincushion, or a new ruler. Fat quarters and charm packs are always fun.
Gardeners love cool hand tools like trowels and pruners, knee pads, hand lotion, wind chimes, bird houses, seeds, small transplants from your garden.
Artists (gotta think of another name for these...we are all artists) brushes, portable cases, hand made papers, sketch books, inspiration books.
Writers--interesting pens, printer cartridges, paper, clever notebooks, Starbucks cards, small pillow for their backs while they write.

2. Magazine subscriptions to a creative magazine.

3. Artist Date supplies....entry to an art museum, promise of lunch out with like minded souls.

4. Creative books

5. Junque...cute themed key chains, mouse pads, Christmas ornaments, socks, tee-shirts.

What are some of your favorite creative boosting gifts you've gotten or given over the years?

2 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

Sweet P said...

A great list for creative souls. Being a creative person I'm always trying to find gifts to encourage creativity in the recipient. For my nieces and nephews I'm thinking of making custom drawing/coloring books with Dick and Jane fabric covers. For my MIL I'm giving her a grocery tote bag and a rolling pin that is painted with cherries on it.

Tim said...

I would give y'all some more ideas but then Deb would know what she is getting. :)

Deb this is a fun place to hang out. Thanks