Sunday, August 24, 2008

Who Nurtured Your Creativity?

A while ago, I asked who had killed your creativity. Now, it's time for the opposite. Who has nurtured and nourished your spirit? Whose words or actions keep you striving? Who taught you something important about your craft or yourself?

For me, the list is long.

My husband, the Pilot Guy, has to top it. He is always encouraging me to do what makes me happy. Whether I'm earlobe deep in photography, writing, gardening, quilting or whatever, the man has hauled equipment, endured fits of creative despair, and patiently picked up pieces when I think I've broken my heart beyond repair. He believes in me. A precious gift, belief.

Mama Marge, my journalism teacher from long ago. She was the one who encouraged the teenaged me in photography. Her husband, Bill, actually taught me how to load film in my Yashica-mat. Over the door to the journalism department in my high school was a hand lettered sign that said, 'Beware all who enter here. Your life will be changed.' True, very true. Mine certainly was.

Chuck, photographer and business man extraordinaire, my mentor and often a tormentor.(Grin) Best of all, friend. He shoots straight with me. I don't like hearing what he has to say sometimes, but after I quit reacting I realize he is (usually) right. He and his wife, Cheri, inspire me as few people on the planet do. They ask great questions and make me think about my creative life in new ways. A great big thank you to the Art Leather company for sending Chuck to Amarillo to speak in 1982. (Yikes!) What if I'd missed that seminar? Imagine what I would have missed. Quite simply, Chuck changed my life. His friendship, and Cheri's, is one of the most central to my life. Precious people.

My late sis-in-law, Hermion, taught me to watch and learn from nature. Big observations and tiny moments of noticing. She loved color and texture and whimsy. She's been gone for over a year and a half yet I'm still storing up treasures to share with her.

Bonnie, my writing friend. She is so persistent--(please finish something, Deb)--and encouraging. I love her questions and her ability to see things from a different perspective.

Who's been important in your creative life? Have you told them lately how much you appreciate them?

3 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

MindFul MiMi said...

(Creative) mentors are SOOOO important. Inspiration is sooo important. I am glad you have these people in your life. They are the fuel of life.
On my side, of course my husband who took me to a 'drawing with the right side of the brain' class which altered my life and got me into painting. Like yours, he has supported, encouraged, inspired and consoled me. He always seems to find the right words. No matter what.
My friend Sabine, a great painter who follows her heart not only in her art.
My friend Tanja, with whom I used to write long handwritten letters discussing books, writing and relationships.
And at the moment I am inspired by the Autralian aboriginees paintings and Christine Kane.
Thanks for making me think about these people.

Being Beth said...

Gosh Deb, this is a great question. I must have missed the one on who killed creativity in my life -- that most likely would be me. Enough said. And that darn sophomore English teacher who told me I couldn't write my way out of a paper bag (and ME for believing her for nearly thirty years).

But those who encourage and inspire would be many:

Mark -- who like the Pilot Guy,he does whatever he can to see that I have the time, supplies, tools, resources to be my creative best, and then on top of that he's my greatest champion, believing in me when I don't. And then he patiently understands that every night when he gets home, though I've written thousands of words on the page, I have probably not spoken more than a couple hundred, and he lets me spill out at least 5000 from my mouth.

Bev -- my mentor in so many ways -- writer, woman, mother, Christianity, wellness, dreaming big.

Bonnie -- She's my inspiration and proof that it can be done, and she's just a darn good person to have as a friend.

You -- yeah, and I'm not just blowing smoke here -- you motivate me to let everything go and create, to lean into my "creative soul" and live it to the max.

Maya Angelou -- for her honesty in writing

Louis L'Amour -- for his philosophy of living

Laura Ingalls Wilder -- for starting my love affair with books

Willa Cather, Barbara Kingsolver, Mark Twain -- whose writing made me want to tell stories like them

Gordon -- who told me I could write and helped me find the courage to do so

Diane -- my cousin who faithfully reads and LOVES every single word I write

Sweet P said...

Without sounding arrogant I would I have been to nurture my creativity. I am the one who gave me permission to be creative in whatever I choose to do. Does that sound as arrogant as it reads?