Thursday, August 14, 2008



Let's have some fun!

I gotta enough zing out of the comments on the Notebooks post that I've devised a fun little contest for us. Influenced, no doubt, by watching the Olympics...going for the gold and all that. You have some terrific journals cooking in your lives and I want to see the best of the best.

Send me a photo of your favorite journal page and a quick paragraph telling me why that page is meaningful to you. My trusty staff (me, the cat and maybe some of my human companions) will pick a winner and a runner-up. You know, in case the first journal page is unable to fulfill her duties. The winner will get a new journal, a set of my notecards, and.....whatever else strikes my fancy (chocolate?) between now and the deadline. Putting together a winner's basket will be fun! Naturally, we won't leave the runner up without a prize package, either.

Artists, you have it easy, if you keep a sketchbook. Writers, pick a particular page that expresses something about your work. Photographers, those photos can be artfully arranged on a page, don't you think? Quilters, gardeners, I've seen some awesome pages in notebooks. Whether you keep a notebook of nature studies, a garden journal, or a list of every book you read, I want to see the page that lights you up inside.

Send a clear photo and paragraph in the body of an email (no attachments without prior approval) to: deb s muse AT 1scom DOT net. You know how to squish and translate that, right? Put journal contest in the subject line.

Nothing R or X rated, please, I'll blush. Like anyone reading Creative Soul would, but ya never know who is reading.

The deadline is August 27th. Meaning, of course, that you have time to create something new. Or dig around in the attic to pull something out of a notebook from fifteen years ago. I can't wait to see what your fertile minds produce.

Ready, set......


3 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

Sweet P said...

I'm in for the contest. I'll send you an email with two photos from a couple of my many journals.

I think I'll post about your contest tomorrow on my blogs too.

DebMc said...

I got your email, Sweet P.


Thanks for entering and thanks for spreading the word.

Oh...and's our turn, okay? (wink, wink) Go Rangers!

Being Beth said...

Wow, deb, that's an interesting contest...I have scads of journals, and I"m going to try to find something to submit to the honorable contest judge.

Have you ever considered what you will do with your journals when you are nearing the end of life here on earth? I've written so honestly in mine that it sort of chokes off my air to think of anyone reading them, and then I know how very much I value the journals left to my family by my grandfather, grandmother, great grandmother, and great-great grandfather. I find no tendency on my part to make judgements about them, their choices in life, or their opinions, but I love that I can know them, foibles and all. It's an interesting thing to consider at any rate.

As always, you blog consistently inspires me and obviously your other readers as well. Good job!