Wednesday, December 2, 2009


The snow in the forecast is now the snow on the ground. We woke to a a vision in white this morning. It's official. Summer's over.
Snow on Old Blush roses

Red Canna against Duchess de Brabant Rose foliage with snow


Two days ago...

This morning....

One thing about puts me in a Christmas mood. It's time to pull out the decorations and make the house look and feel like Christmas. My creative juices are warming about yours?

3 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

pottermom said...

I got Christmas put up, all decorated and now just trying to feel "cozy". It's not working..... I'm just cold. lol

Joanne said...

snow is wonderful...if you get to watch it fall from inside a cozy house. 1-1/2 hours on the road to work today - snow is not cute or wonderful or inspirational. grrrr
Then again, I think I did create a grouchy haiku along the way.

Your pics are great!!!

Being Beth said...

I think the difference between an amateur photographer and a pro is the fact that the pro picks up a camera while the amateur only thinks she should. LOL!!! Beautiful photo's!

I incorporated decorating as part of the family Thanksgiving experience this year, and therefore, I'm all ready, and everybody had fun. Why didn't I think of that years ago???