Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Easy or Last Minute Gifts ~ Pam

The Sunflower Fairy

If you've seen photos of me, you know I wear my hair so short I have little need for hair clips, no matter how cute they are. That's why I was thrilled to see my friend Pam offers napkin rings and other goodies as well as the clever and classy hair clips she sells. I can easily imagine the pretty beads and crystals of these napkin rings sparkling in the candlelight of a Christmas table.

The hair clips are easy to use and oh so pretty. Check out Pam's Hair Clips to see a video on how to use them. Tuck a couple of these into someone's stocking this Christmas or use them to make cute and useful gift tags. You'll find braclets, badge holders, key rings and more on the website.

2 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

Anonymous said...

I have 3 of Pam's hair clips and LOVE them! They're so pretty, so easy to use, and they do a good job holding my hair which is thick if I wear it curly (natural) or thinner if I straighten it with a flat iron.

SoCalPam said...

Thank you for the lovely plug, Debbie! I'm with you -- short hair is wonderful. However, I'm encouraged to grow out my hair for the first time in years because I know these clips actually work! Your friends can find me at www.lillarose.biz/pam :o)