Monday, May 4, 2009



Last night was the Senior Celebration at our church. This year, our son, Nathan, was honored, along with five other young men and women.

What a blast!

For one thing, it was such a treat to not be on the organizing committee. The parents of juniors do all the planning and hosting of the event. Let me tell ya, they did an awesome job of it this year.

The theme was Shine in '09. "Let your light shine....." was the theme verse. Candles and lots of pretty lights made for a dramatic decor. Each black draped and red-topped table had a triangle of photos of the seniors printed on translucent paper with LED lights inside the triangle.

The seniors spend all afternoon with their youth minister, Matt. Together, they ride in a limo to a cool area of town for a photo session by one of our former members. Then the limo takes them to an elder's home for a fancy dinner. One last ride in the limo brings them to the church building where a red carpet and a crowd awaits.

As they enter the building, the crowd treats them like rock stars...begging for autographs, snapping photos. It's a laughing good time.


Everyone has dessert at the beautifully decorated tables. Chocolate fountains with assorted dipping items were on the menu this year.

Every student had a personal memorabilia table. Nathan's was strewn with baseball photos and gear, some Nathan's favorite curriculum (our Trisms guidebooks, Lightning Lit Shakespeare, Rosetta Stone Dutch....) and photos from his travels.


There are projected photo know the ones that show the cute baby pics, and a video presentation of thoughts from the youth minister. Then, each set of parents got up on stage and shared some thoughts, both funny and sweet. After that, each senior expressed their thanks. Our senior had also presented part of the morning sermon. I'm impressed at his public speaking abilities.


It was a lovely evening filled with laughter, good food, and a tear or two.

Good memories.

I hope you can find something and someone to celebrate today. It doesn't have to be a fancy event, just offering encouragement and blessing can make someone's day.

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Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

How well I remember when our firstborn had her senior banquet at the Katy church - can you believe that was 13 years ago??? (I'm leaving to go keep the boys week after next while they go on an anniversary weekend to celebrate their 11th anniversary). Sounds like it was done up BIG! Very nice - thanks for sharing!!

I will be up there for almost 2 week (maybe more) from 5/21 till early June. Perhaps we can meet up then - or you can come out to our place and meet my daughter and two of my grandsons??

Joanne said...

What a lovely blog entry and description of the celebration. Sounds like a lot of fun and a memorable finale to the high school years. You made me smile.


DebD said...

Congratulations to both Nathan and to his homeschool mama! I looks like it was very nicely done.