Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Garden Nursery

This little flower bucket hangs by the front door. I change the silk flowers seasonally. The other day, I noticed someone else had taken possession of it.

Can you find the three babies snuggled in there?
These are house finches. Mom is rather drab, but dad has a colorful red neck. They get mighty nervous when we head out to the front porch. It is a special blessing to have babies on the place.

Sorry I've dropped off the planet for the last week or so. We moved Nathan's graduation up a few weeks to the third weekend in May. Once we made that decision, we had to get in high gear to get senior portraits created (boy, am I out of practice!) get invitations done, addressed and mailed. All while maintaining our standard crazy baseball, work, and church schedule. Being the vain gardener gal that I am, I also felt like I *had* to get some plants and seeds in the ground so they'd look good for the shindig after the ceremony. Had, I tell ya, had to.

Thanks to those who've checked up on me. I appreciate your caring!

5 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

SoCalPam said...

Those little baby birds must be no bigger than your thumbnail! I can't believe you found them in there.

I also can't wait to see pics of the graduation party :o)

DebD said...

so sweet.

Joanne said...

Deb - Glad to hear you are well and that graduation activity is in full swing. I did check your blog and missed your musings and lovely pictures.

Enjoy your spring visitors.

Pam McL said...

How adorable and sweet to have baby birds on your porch. We have newborn baby kitties under ours. :) It *is* that time of year!

I'm right there with ya, Deb...we're doing dd's graduation May 28th. It seems like that's all I've gotten done the last two weeks...working on this graduation. I still have to do the photo collage. *THAT* will take a long time--so that's why I keep putting it off. Does that make sense? No? I agree. {sigh}

Anonymous said...