Thursday, May 21, 2009

Garden Party

When I expressed my wee bit of disappointment at no one getting to fully enjoy my gardens during our son's graduation party, a gal over on the GardenWeb boards suggested I have a virtual garden party. You are all invited. Grab your favorite beverage to sip and join me for a stroll.

Stella Daylily

Step out back....

The pond is small, but fun. See the fish?

Rampant roses and just opening daylilies

The Graduation Boy's Garden is just beginning to cook...

There's more, but my tea cup is empty and my shoes are wet from the dew. Let's get a refill and do some more another day.

4 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

SJ said...

It's all so beautiful!! I'm jealous...looks like you're 2 months ahead of us. The only thing I have blooming is the columbine. Everything else is just teasing us with a little green. The iris and lilacs haven't even bloomed yet!

Joanne said...

I enjoyed the stroll this afternoon with a beer in my hand.

Happy Memorial Weekend!


pottermom said...

A truly lovely garden. Thanks for taking me through it. :)

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

Having just gone through a major maintenance and refurb of our garden in Katy, I truly enjoy and
APPRECIATE what you have done to your "bit of earth". Growing up in Lubbock, gardening skills were unnecessary as, face it, what do we need to know about tumbleweeds and packed, barren dirt that turns into dust storms? :) Okay, maybe an over simplification, but I never could get into it growing up - and we were never in one place long enough to establish any gardens, even if I'd known what to do.

But my son-in-law, who has a VERY green thumb, has taught me and spearheaded our recent project (which I hope to blog about eventually) and now I find myself asking questions like, "Would that grow in full sun in the front garden? What kind of tree is that and will it stay low or grow really tall? How often do I need to feed that?"

I always felt inadequate in the UK where they call everything by its LATIN name - can't even try to compete or learn from THAT! :) It's nice, at the ripe young age of 52, to finally feel like I'm in the game! (although I have a LONG way to go - a little knowledge IS a dangerous thing!)

Lovely, lovely garden. You must have some British blood running in your veins.