Monday, May 5, 2008

F R E E D O M !

Furled Iris
Iris about to unfurl it's petals

Imagine a Mel Gibson yell from 'Braveheart.'

F R R R E E E E E E E E D D D D D O O O O O M M M M ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Most of my winter into spring committments are done and I'm free, free, free.

Monday evening ladies Bible Study--done.

Planning for Senior Celebration--done.

and, the most time consuming of all......

Nathan's JV and Varsity baseball season is complete!

Do you know how many hours not having baseball gives me back?

Hours and hours and hours every week.

Think of the writing, gardening, and creating I can do.

Just thinking of the possibilities gives me delight.

I'm giddy!

We will be winding up our curriculum chores in a few short weeks giving me even more time to think. For a homeschool mom, summer break is me time. And I'm going to wallow in it this year.

I love May, not only because I was born in May but because it is a transition time from the school year to the summer months. New goals, new schedule, new attitude.

What's on the horizon for you? Travel plans? Taking a class? Trying a new technique? Tackling a challenging creative project?

Refine and renew your goals and share your thoughts on summer in the comment section. Let's have a dynamite summer together.

3 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

DebD said...

I feel the same way about May. Both my boys used to be in baseball and I know how much time it eats up. The only nice thing is that it is outside in nice weather. We're winding down here too and I'm feeling that wondrous feeling of freedom too!

Debbie said...

I homeschooled both my girls too. They are 32 & 26 now, so I've have lots of free time all the time, but I love the lazy days of summer just the same! One of my favorite things to do is read and nap on my outdoor swing. I live in Oregon, so I soak up the sunshine as often as I can!

Sweet P said...

I haven't finalized my summer plans. One goal is to tackle quilting on my home machine. Other than that I'm still wide open on my plans.