Monday, December 31, 2007

Looking Back

As we close up shop on the year 2007, take a look back and acknowledge what went well. What are you proud of accomplishing? What gives you pleasure when you think back on it?

For me....

The year went well, creatively speaking. I spent several months working on a novel. Not only fun, but satisfying as well. And just as satisfying was putting the novel away to concentrate on homeschooling Nathan's junior year.

Kites need both the wind and a string to hold them in order to fly. 2007 was a year in which I got to be the string for my family. While they stretched their wings against and with the wind, I tried not to rock the boat. Listen, that's harder than you think. LOL! Especially for someone like me.

There were new challenges in my life and I think I rose to the occasion. I've learned a lot, that's for sure. I hope I'm a stronger, smarter, wiser, kinder, and better person for having lived this year.

Take a quick peek in the rear view mirror at 2007 before it recedes into the night. What memories give you a warm glow of pride? Accomplishments that bring satisfaction? Anything you can carry over into the coming months? List those things in your comment or link to your own blog if you answer there.

Thanks for taking time to read Creative Soul. Your comments and emails make my day!

3 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

the Pilot Guy said...

It was an honor to share this year with you.

"Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: 'Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all'”. Prov 31:28-29

Becky said...


Sorry I haven't "commented" lately. But, I always read and enjoy! I plan to go back and comment on your other blogs in the next couple of days, so check on them.

For this blog: enjoyed your reflections. You forgot to mention your creative accomplishment of blogging. You have done a great job and should be proud!

My reflections? My main sense of accomplishment and "warm glow of pride" continue to be Taylor. This year I saw her finish up her 50th course credit hour at TCC with a 3.9. Now that makes me smile inside and out! Creatively, I haven't accomplished much. I did write a "long" short story that had been on my mind for several years, and I am quite proud of it--it does all that I intended it to do and that feels great. But, it is certainly not enough. I need to let out some more string on that kite! Something inside me is screaming that I need a new, or perhaps an additional support group (smaller, more focused) for my creative soul. Other 2007 memories that come to mind: a not-so-fun trip to Los Cabos, MX but adventures and experiences that certainly fuel the creative soul; a wonderful evening at Billy Bob's (just Taylor and me) listening to Peter Frampton (oh, the memories that brought back from the 70s!); the passing of two beloved, long-time animal friends--our first horse Lance and our 13-year old cat Stormie; significant strides in healing from my 2003 divorce in from a 25-year marriage (a "long and winding" emotional journey for me). Goals for 2008--top of the list is taking my writing to a higher plane--getting that book out of my head onto paper; going back to school in the fall for my master's in English w/ emphasis in creative writing at UNT with hopes of teaching on the community college level some day; trying to sell our home and finding a new one; continuing to get leaner and "fitter." Those are just a few of my intentions...

Deb, wishing you continued success with your writing, blogging, and homeschooling.

Off subject here (but speaking of "kites): have you seen the movie THE KITE RUNNER. Captures the essence of the book well, although, I think (as usual) that the book was better. Nevertheless, excellent adaptation!

Anonymous said...
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