Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Art of Life

"I think that in everything we do, in every style of life, there is art to be found. Not just in the studios of talented artists, but in the gardens, homes, relationships, spirits, voices, and fashions of people you see everyday." ~Amy Butler

This quote sums up so well how I see my life and my creativity. I'm creative not only in my writing, not only in my photography, or in my decorating, gardening, or teaching, but also in how I dress or keep house or cook. The idea reaches even further into how I react to and with other people. And, of course, how I react to and with myself.

Creativity is a way of thinking. A way of doing. A way of being. I often doubt my own wealth of creativity until I see someone without the gift. Oh yes, I'm creative, maybe not as much as I want to be, but it is there.
Horse in Amy\'s Garden

A life filled with creativity overflows into every thing you do. My friend who does western art had a home decorated with such flair, style, and warmth that you never wanted to leave it. A young mom at church has such a flair for fashion and design, she and her daughters always look charming. What a gift she has with fabric and thread! My gardens are a riot of color and bloom. Creativity flows from us into all aspects of our lives.

Especially if we let it.

Today, indulge your creative soul. Do something colorful, joyful, and unexpected.

Whether you think you are creative or not, whether you make an income from your creativity or not, today choose to be creative.

2 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

Rose said...

Deb, everything you said is so true. As I grow older I find that the things I am able to do to let the creativity seep from my soul are becoming more and more important to me. They are becoming equal to the relationships in my life and the things I do to survive day to day. I continually try to make room for creativity in my life rather than just think about it and say someday.

Becky said...

Thanks for expanding our idea of "creativity!" By the way, you probably won't be surprised--we have a horse very similar to this one in our flower bed!