Friday, February 12, 2010

A Snowy Scene

Wow, it kept snowing yesterday, breaking long standing records for our area.
12.5 inches in my yard.

Mostly, it was just plain pretty...
The bird feeder in the veggie garden. This snow draped and flowed like fabric in many places. The snow looked lovely here with a ribbon of white connecting the leaves to the bloom.

The pond is round, yet the hole left around it is squarish in shape. Curious.
I keep a string of white lights in the shrubs by the front porch until spring. Last night the snow glowed through like an enchanted village. By morning the heat from the lights had melted the snow...still enchanting.

A white kingdom...

We made snow ice cream yesterday:

Combine milk (or cream) with sugar and vanilla to taste. Stir in heaping amounts of clean, fresh snow. Combine until the mix resembles homemade ice cream.

A friend made snow candy by boiling maple syrup with a little butter, then drizzling the mix across the cold snow. I haven't done candy yet, but it sounds good, don't you think?

Now, will one of you northern gals tell me how to go about shoveling off the driveway? Especially since I don't own a snow shovel?

This is a good time for creative pursuits indoors.

3 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

Joanne said...

great pics as always. My power was out for 20 hours. I did writing the old fashioned way - pen and paper, gloves on, huddled under an afghan. Got a bit brisk in the house.
My father in PA said, "What do you mean you don't have a shovel? Or snow plows??"

JoJo said...

Love your photos.

Years and years ago, in the 70's when I was OBSESSED with the Little House books and show, I poured maple syrup on the snow, like Laura did to make candy, and it just sunk right through. Wonder what I did wrong? Should I have boiled it first?

Being Beth said...

We were without power for 40 hours. Yesterday afternoon, when the sun came out, we sat outside and got warm from the sun -- felt good AND boosted flagging spirits. It's always nice to know life can be reduced to the basics.

Love the shot of the square pond window and the lights shining through the snow. Also the bird feeder -- nothing like natures idea of fine art. Also love the photographer who captures it for the world to see.