Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Not So Wordless Wednesday ~ Nature Walk

Take a nature stroll with me on the wild canyon lands of the Texas Panhandle.

Bright sun, cool breeze

My life doesn't seem so stressful when I consider what this little yellow wildflower has to deal with. Rock can't be too easy to grow in, even crumbly rock.
Prickly Pear Cactus

Mourning Dove nest and eggs

Feeling all bent out of shape? Mesquite stump and cholla cactus

Busy Red Ants

A yellow coneflower, see how the wind is ruffling their skirts

Horned Frog or as most folks call them, horny toads--I used to catch these as a girl. Love 'em still. On the endangered list, but their numbers are increasing. This is a fat, handsome fella. He was sitting near an ant trail and feasting on passers-by.

Shade is so hard to come by on the prairie. Bull snake
Seek beauty and sweetness in life. Bumble bee in a hollyhock bloom.

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Kat said...

Georgeous...and all my nature walks seem limited to the back yard. I don't suppose my trek from the sofa to the fridge counts :-)

DebD said...

Oh, I miss taking walks. Its been a while and my energy level is suffering as a result. Beautiful pictures.

And I've actually done something creative and shared it on my blog

The Ridge School said...

Great shots! A wonderful mix of landscape and wildlife. Thank you for sharing.


Meliss said...

You certainly have captured the prairie's beauty!

SKELLER said...

Thanks for the hike - I didn't even break a sweat ;-). The horny toad is fascinating!!

Anonymous said...

Great pics, Deb! Reminds me much of New Mexico. And I too, have a special affinity for the Horny Toad, as I too, used to catch them as a child. I caught one last summer while picnicking and the kids were amazed that I just reached down and picked up the little guy up. Of course they then too, proceeded to fall in love with him. Played with him for the afternoon, then said goodbye to the little sweetie. I didn't know they were on the endangered list, but that explains why I rarely see them anymore.

Anonymous said...

Ooops, that's my post about New Mexico Deb....(Donna/NM).
Forgot to sign my name.

DebMc said...

Thanks for all the comments. You guys are great. I wish you could all come walk with me when I visit the farm.

Donna, that is close to NM, just south and east of Canyon, on the south rim of the Palo Duro.

Jenileigh said...

WOW! I felt as though I were with you! I started screaming and took off running when I seen that snake though. (shuddering)

Thanks for sharing this was great! Hugs!

pottermom said...

We spent SO many weekends in Palo Duro canyon. It was a great place to hike. The kids loved to go there as often as we could.