Friday, February 29, 2008

Ta-Da Friday

Happy Leap Day!
This is our bonus day this year. How will you use this day?

For Ta-Da Friday.....

I wrote 516 words on a homeschool topic.
Pieced a bit on my quilt project.
Re-did the Bonjour tin bucket with spring silk flowers.
Took a few photos.
Did some 'constructive staring' at a future flowerbed.
Wandered a plant nursery and drooled over all the new spring stock.

What happened in your creative life this week?

Here's the view from my bedroom window this week
Window view daffs
Not only are the daffodils in raging bloom, the roses are leafing out.

7 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

pottermom said...

lol. I do a lot of creative staring at my flowerbeds. This weekend at least one of them gets some dressing up.
How shall I use my bonus day? I will call my sister and wish her a happy birthday, I will start packing up my library in preparation for moving everything out to get new floors and I will make one last Dr.'s visit for my shoulder and hopefully get the all-clear from him.

DebMc said... fun to have a family birthday on leap day.
You watch out for your shoulder while you dress up your flowerbed and move books. I'm awful about picking up too much at once. We wouldn't want you to delay getting back to your potter's wheel.

Richard D said...

Pottermom - how many birthdays has your sister had? Leap Day birthdays are cool.

I've spent today with my family from Central Virginia to South Carolina to go to a wedding of some very good friends. We played together in the hotel pool, ate homemade au jus, and plan to swing on the porch swing in front of the hotel tonight while we read a book together as a family. All in all, a very well spent day.

SusanC said...

I stared at my flower bed in despair. My rosemary didn't make it! But I'm ripping out all the old, icky flowers and putting in all herbs this spring.

My accomplishment for today was Pot Roasted Pork Roast with Fennel, Garlic and Rosemary in White Wine.

Also, rocking the sales at Dillard's to stock up on kid's clothes for next winter.

Tim said...

This extra day allowed me do some trimming on the garden with my beautiful wife and we watched #2 son play baseball later in the afternoon. It was a gorgeous day, shirt sleeve weather until a light cool breeze late in the evening.

Lisa said...

I love creative staring. If it was an olympic sport I'd be a gold medal recipient.

Not fair having flowers already. We have snow cover in NY and it was -5.9 degrees two nights ago.

Rose said...

I have creatively stared out the living room window for the past five months. Yesterday the Rancher bought me a new, used lawn mower at a farm sale. Perhaps I'll have something constructive to show next Friday.

Your daffs are gorgeous!!