Thursday, February 7, 2008

Look What I Found!

These aprons were probably made by my grandmother who died in the early seventies when I was only thirteen. As a newlywed, I remember grabbing them from a trash pile when my grandparent's old house was being tidied for sale. Since then, they've been in storage. Apron group
This week, while cleaning out a storage area, I discovered them again. They are truly delightful. Small details well done mean that my grandmother cared enough to do a thing right even though it wasn't something that a lot of people would see. The colors testify to a love of the pretty, but the lone dark blue patch on the patchwork apron reveals a strong frugal streak.

Purple gingham
Purple detail
I love these aprons with their creative touches. I love the stories they tell. I love the connection I feel when I touch them.
Quilt apron
Orange apron

I don't really know how to treasure, preserve or display these best.

I'd love to write a short story or two about these aprons. I wonder what stories would come from that.

Do you have vintage aprons? What stories do they tell?

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Rose said...

If you'd like to store them so they are both visible and protected, I would consider a wooden box with a UV glass top. They are a bit pricey but are the best for keeping the dust away. Dust mites will destroy the fabric.

What a treasure to have these. Nothing finer than a gift handmade, by someone you love.

And thanks so much for adding me to your blog roll. I feel very honored to have earned a place there.

Lisa said...

I have an apron (similar in age and design to yours) that used to be my mother's, but she didn't make it and never wore it. It was made by a friend of hers and embroidered with her name, MYRTLE, in red stitching on a green gingham background with rickrack trim. It was always folded neatly in a drawer, preserved but not loved and used. Mom was not an apron kind of gal, but she was one heck of a homestyle foods cook.

I, on the other hand, love aprons. The one I wear is all white, down past my knees with a top bib as well and a big handy pocket. I made it from an old bed sheet that had ripped. The material was too nice and soft not to salvage. I also made my dd an apron for Christmas.

Aprons are so homey and comforting. How nice that you have so many that are lovely memories as well. Thanks for sharing.

Rose said...

Hi Deb, I left something for you on my blog :) Hope you're having a great weekend. Hugs!

Joel Quile said...

Debbie, the Lord led me to your blog this morning. Wow! Those aprons are beautiful! I know that you probably want to try and preserve them for a long time and yet, I believe your grandmother's strong frugal streak would say, "use 'em!" So perhaps a compromise is in order?

How about getting Tim the Toolman to put up a vintage clothes line in the kitchen (or somewhere in the house away from direct sunlight) and clothes pin those practical and precious pieces of art to the line for all to see! You could even start a vintage clothes pin collection or have your blog readers or writing pals send you custom clothes pins to use! I'd hand paint one and give it to you just to be a part of such a beautiful thing.

Anyway, I just think it is wonderful you found those. I also think it is wonderful I found your blog this morning.

You are loved.


Becky said...

I love this post! What a treasure you have--your grandmother's aprons are truly pieces of art. My mother was quite the apron maker; however, hers were purely practical with only a whisper of artistic flair. I still have a number of them, including a red-and-white checkered one made for me when I was a tiny tot and one made from a seed bag from Delta Pine & Land Cotton Planation in MS, where my dad once worked as a carpenter. I was so excited a few years ago when I read about an apron exhibit at the Women's Museum in Dallas--but I never made it there. Your post made me think of that traveling exhibit, so I looked it up on the internet--check out the site: Cool stuff! Thanks for sharing, Deb.

Lori Ann said...

These are lovely! I miss the days of aprons that were hand sewn.