Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Trench Coat Mentality Part 2 Or Randomness Ahead

Beware--randomness ahead....

A real life friend pointed out that trench coats don't have to be boring beige. What do you know--She's right! Just today I saw a bright yellow trench in a magazine ad. Then I saw a bold red one. Okay, maybe trench coats aren't all the same. You can rest assured if I found one in a deep purple, I'd try it on.

In the comments section of the last post, Joanne reminded me pairing a hat with a trenchcoat gives off an Ingrid Bergman vibe ala 'Casablanca.' Nothing wrong with that at all.

Then, Jan, bless her, pointed out what a split personality I can be, yearning for unity in one post and daring everyone to be stand out individuals in the very next one.

Yes. Welcome to my world.

My son has a t-shirt which tickles me when I see it. In big letters across the front....

I am Unique
Just like everyone else
There's times lately when I feel life is squishing me into conformity. Other days, I feel downright invisible. On still other days, I feel life is an adventure and I'm sitting right on top of it.
For some reason the old saying 'every path has it's puddle' comes to mind now. Life is a path...and it's often a muddy, messy trail, but the farther down the path you go, the farther down the path you can see.

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Paula said...

I still own my dark grey London Fog. It hangs unworn in my closet next to my husband's black London fog. While I have donated many articles of clothing over the years I know as soon as I give it away I'll yearn to have it back. Letting go of the familiar can be so very hard.