Monday, October 19, 2009

Memoir Monday ~ Cars

I'm amused when I look through old photos of my parents, especially during their dating years, at how often the young couple was posed in front of their car.
My mom and dad

There are a number of reasons for that, I'm sure. Fifty years or more ago, film definitely liked the bright sunshine and flashbulbs were expensive. Photos were done outside. Secondly, those cars were a great big purchase...still are today, too. There is just something about those hunks of metal and combustion that make us happy. I'm even more amused to find a number of photos of me in front of my car. Cars are nice and all, but you'd think there would be more photos of me with a dog.

So, what did your first car look like? (Or what was the most interesting vehicle you've ever driven?) Was it given to you or did you slave at some job to purchase it? Standard or automatic? How old were you when you learn to drive?

My first car was a Ford Maverick I shared with my mom.
My mom and I

Mavis as I called my little vehicle, was an odd grass green color. No air conditioning and black interior. We are talking Texas here, folks. Can you say hot? We kept towels in the car to sit on, especially in the summer. I sorched my shorts clad legs several times before I figured out the towel thing. Mavis was also a standard shift car with the gear on the steering column. It was an adventure learning to drive in traffic while also learning how to shift gears. My mother said if I learned how to drive a standard I could drive anything. How right she was. I've driven all over Europe in standard shift models. I've driven tractors and an eighteen wheeler. Thanks, Mom, for teaching me how.

Look, here is one of the Pilot Guy and I in front of Mavis.
We hit the jackpot here because we not only have a photo of Mavis, but we have a glimpse of the Pilot Guy's red LTD in the background.

One last note...every dress I'm wearing in these photos I made with my own little hands.

We had a great little car in Europe. I'll have to write about that car some day soon.

Alright, people, show me your first or favorite car. If you post photos on your blog, come leave a comment here so we can traipse over and enjoy.

6 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

Being Beth said...

I love you green car!!!! And how cute were YOU??? And Tim -- I didn't realize you and he went back so far together. Those are terrific pictures, and I'm sure real treasures.

I will post a blog on my first car today. I love all these great topics you come up with.

I don't have a photo of my car, or any cars that we owned. Almost all of our family photo's -- where we were instructed to stand in front of something, were taken in front of the piano.

I guess it's what your family values. My in-laws, for instance take photo's with everyone seated around the dinner table. Mark's grandparents took photo's in their large garden -- always.

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

Ah, that's the Deb I remember - CHS, Lubbock, the whole thing. :) You were a big photographer for the paper and yearbook too weren't you?

I had to drive my folks '64 Galaxy 500. It's the car I learned to drive in and was "my car" (albeit shared with my sister) until I got married. Then about 6 months into the marriage, we bought a (gasp!) Ford Pinto Wagon - in avocado green no less. :) This was when Ford was being sued for the Pinto exploding if rear-ended. Ah, I was young and didn't read newspapers much yet. I just thought that little car was the COOLEST thing (until it started having transmission problems because of an undisclosed previous owner issue - gravel in the system due to being driven through floodwaters).

I have tons of photos growing up with our cars. I'd arrange my dolls on the hood and Mom would take photos. Or me and my sister and grandparents up in Missouri by their car. Or (sleek thing that it was) by my other grandparent's Chevy IMPALA!! (I was SOOOO impressed)

When my Dad died in 2002, all three kids drove to Lubbock with their "significant others" and before they left, we got a panoramic shot of all six of them with their Honda C-RVs (which is what we got the kids when they went to university since we were overseas and couldn't do the "weekend warrior" of car repair like most families). I love this photo - Jen was already married but the boys weren't yet but they did marry the lovely girls in the photo the very next year. I always teased that Honda should give us a car since we've bought so many (I still drive a Honda, having replaced my Pilot just last year).

When Mike started dating me, he bought a MG Midget convertible which we had until I was pregnant with Jennifer and got stuck behind the steering wheel and couldn't get out until someone helped me. I think my love affair with all things British was born with that car - or at least solidified!

I do love to look at cars!!

pottermom said...

I'm loving the shoes..... whoo hoo! :)

I never owned a car until I was married. Not sure that counts. And not sure I have a picture of it either.

pottermom said...

Oh, I DO have pictures of me with my first cow, and several cows after that.... :)

Miss Caitlin S. said...

I love looking at pictures from this time too, no matter who is in them. Such a treat to take in the entire picture: subject & background.

Kyle Schmidt said...

“There is just something about those hunks of metal and combustion that make us happy.” – Yes, indeed! And I agree that it is a joy to see old photos. You see how people lived their lives back then. It is like a glimpse of the past. And the vintage glam of the outfits and cars is notable and adorable!