Thursday, October 15, 2009

Creative Chains


In India of old, young elephants began their training in a simple way. One foot was shackled and chained to a sturdy post. Pull, pull, pull though they might, the young beast couldn't break free. Eventually, the animal learned it was useless to struggle and quit trying. For the rest of it's long life, the elephant could be tethered not with a chain, but with piece of string, so strong was that early conditioning.

What 'chains' hold you back?

Are they real or are they imagined?

For me...I've noticed lately I quit on a project before I really get into it. In the back of my mind are those nasty voices. 'The publishing industry is hurting in this economy.' 'Maybe I'm too over the hill to write for a younger audience.' 'This is too much a who you know industry and I don't know enough of the right people.' 'What a waste to spend weeks and weeks and weeks writing on something I can't guarantee will ever sell.'

Chains of 'quit before it hurts too much.' Just like those elephants.

Do chains hold me back or a simple piece of string? How will I ever know unless I flex my creative muscle?

3 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

Being Beth said...

Interesting, I've been considering the same issue in my life these past couple of weeks. I believe I've cut myself free of a few pesky chains. Still a few to go.

Joanne said...

thanks for this post. Indeed, a huge part of my brain tells me it's all crap. But then some validation comes through and it's all good again. Creative souls are tortured, that's part of the "game". But, knowing we're in this together certainly helps. I personally like your writing. Beth, I like yours. We have to get out the cutters and remove the chains. Mute the voices of critic in the brain and just go for it.

Cathe said...

I will think about this. Some things come to mind already... not necessary things that hinder my creativity, but perhaps some things that I am allowing to chain me to negative attitudes and fears, even when there isn't so much as a piece of string to tether me.