Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Creative Passion

Which one are you?

I just saw the 'Julia/Julie' movie starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. Quite good, much better in my humble opinion than the book. (And I know everyone else saw this a while ago...we had a wedding at our house, remember?)

So which one are you?

Julia--who found a passion and pursued it with vigor?


Julie (at the beginning of the story) dead end job, little drive, not able to finish what she started....

Why did you identify with that one?

3 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

Definitely with JULIA! As a person who's been accused of having a personality "larger than life" and one who was also an expat overseas, trying to find an interest, I really identify with Julia. Plus Julie swears too much - and the book is worse than the movie in that regard. I find that very off-putting.

It was a fun movie and we got SUCH a kick out of Meryl Streep's depiction of the MAHvelous Ms. Child!

DebD said...

I haven't read the book nor seen the movie. Only going by your short descriptions I would definitely say I'm Julie. Not that I think my job is "dead end" but certainly I'm slowly becoming redundant as each child graduates. I'm not particularly motivated and have trouble with follow through.

My husband is definitely a Julia, so I guess that makes us a perfect fit.

DebMc said...

Cheri I agree about the language in the book. Off putting is exactly the right word. I was looking for something classy and didn't appreciate her less than classy personality coming through. The movie made her seem like someone I'd like to know. The book, not so much.
Meryl Streep was amazing--again.

Deb, I know that feeling as each child grows and needs you less as a homeschool instructor. All this experience and wisdom and nothing much to do with it. lol

I identified too much with Julie. I'm at a crossroads and not sure which path I want to take right now.But, I've had my Julia moments, too. I love the passionate pursuit of a goal.