Friday, October 26, 2007

New Perspectives, Part Three, I Dare You.

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Have you ever watched The Blue Angels or the Thunderbirds perform their high flying feats?

Speed, agility, daring, skill, and flair.

We love watching them. The Pilot Guy and I saw the Thunderbirds on one of our very first dates. Jet engines are so romantic--at our house, at least. We've seen the Thunderbirds and the Blue Angels a few dozen times since.

Last weekend, the Blue Angels performed at a nearby airport. So close, in fact, that one of their wide swings brought a five man delta formation right over our property line. Very fun. And loud. (I love the sound of jet engines.)

While I watched them cavort in the sky, I marveled at the power, and wanted to feel that same power in my creative life. While I watched them fling themselves upward, I wanted that same daring. As they separated, re-formed, and rolled, I wanted to share the same kind of agility in my work. As they trailed smoke to improve the audience's ability to see them, I wanted that same kind of flair.

Recently, someone remarked to me that we have ideas, but often our ideas are suppressed. Real artists have the courage and conviction to follow through with their gut feelings.

Read that again.

Real artists have the courage and conviction to follow through with their gut feelings.

Courage and conviction. Listening to the distant drummer Thoreau wrote about. Dancing to our own music. Seeing our own visions.

What is your gut telling you to do creatively? What impulses are you ignoring?

Whatever it is, rev up your engines and blast off!

Do it.

Do it with flair, panache and daring. Forget for a while, the rules of your craft, and do what makes your heart sing. The only rule is that you must find the project fascinating. Be passionate.

Create for yourself first, then for others. If you find the results beautiful or powerful, you have been successful. Last spring, in a fit of boldness, I painted my porch swing a rich, royal purple. The entire time I was painting, part of me was worried about what others would think. But the color was so wonderful, I just kept on painting. You know what? We've enjoyed the purple porch swing all summer long. The color is a surprising jolt of fun. It goes well with the various pink blooms and green foliage around it. Think of the fun I would have missed if I'd allowed a 'what will people think' mindset to limit my creativity. That same negative voice critisizes my writing, too. In fact, that nasty voice questions every creative impulse I have.

Go on. Create something daring, a little bit wild, or just plain fun.

Shut that voice up.

I dare you.

5 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

Keek Scarbrough said...

Your porch swing is so charming and such a refreshing color! We should stop worrying what others think and just do it because we like it!
I have an open rustic home which I thought needed a porch swing. Put one smack dab in the living/pool table area. I decked it out in soft colorful kilim pillows, threaded leather straps through the chains and it just suits this place to a t. I am happy you did what suited you!
I am married to a former Thunderbird...and miss the sound of those shows. He was a solo pilot and Im sure he misses all the excitement as well.
thank you for your wonderful blog, I really enjoy it!

Lisa said...

That's what art is, really. If what is in your gut doesn't come out what have you produced that someone else couldn't have produced as well.

Nice gutsy purple. Besides being the traditional color of royalty, purple is also the color of creativity.

Your swing makes me smile:-)

DebD said...

What an encouraging post! I don't currently feel any creative juices moving in me, but I sure do enjoy looking at your purple swing. I love that rich, deep color.

God bless.

Becky said...

I think I mentioned in a previous comment that porch swings hold a special place in my heart. ...Add to that, the fact I love "the color purple." But, most of all I love the daring passion that drove you to the store to pick out just the right hew of purple and propelled you home to slap that color onto your porch swing! Thanks for setting a good example for us creatives!

Becky said...
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