Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Creativity and Ideas

Where do creative ideas come from?

I think they are in the air waiting to be harvested. How many times have you had an idea, maybe for a story or a book, maybe for an invention, maybe for....who know what? Time and life get in the way and you don't pursue, develop, or encourage it. Some day, you think....One day you are strolling through the bookstore or hardware store and there it is...your idea. Fleshed out, well packaged, and for sale. Oh sure, it may not be entirely like you imagined, but that's because it came through someone else's creativity, but you recognize it. Someone else tamed the feral idea. Tamed it and made it theirs.

I often imagine ideas like the birds at my feeders outside. When seeds are put out, when water, shelter, and safety are available, an amazing variety of birds flock to the feeders. Ignore them, and they fly to someone else's feeders.

The same with ideas...when they are fed, nurtured, sheltered, watered, and made safe, they flock to you.
What ideas do you need to encourage and feed? In what ways can you offer a nurturing, safe environment for them to make a home?

Happy creating!

8 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

Denise of Ingleside said...

I love this, Deb... I love that you thought of this from the bird feeder. You should write a poem about it :)

Denise of Ingleside, PEI

Cozy in Texas said...

Lovely comparison.

Joanne said...

You need to be back more than once a month. We need a March post. I know you have a busy plate, but I'm thinking Real Estate/Creative combo......throw it all out there.
Share with us. Inspire us.

Sharon K Owen said...

You are so creative in every avenue of your life.

Miss you at TWW.


Reed said...

Love it!

Post more often, I am a fan!

Can't wait to

Roses and Tomatoes said...

I too have many thoughts and ideas that just never made it into reality. And yes, once, I saw something that someone had made and I thought "that's MY idea!!" I will honestly try to bring ideas to life from now on. (that's one reason I finally started my blog) just to share my life/plants/whatever else !!

Landscapers Glastonbury CT said...

Inspiration for me comes from pure observation of the beauty around me! My kids, my garden and my past.

Landscapers Glastonbury CT

Jane May said...

Birds feeder is very rare to see in some Landscaping designs,but its sounds cool have it in the lawn.