Friday, November 7, 2008

The Wild Ride


Things I've learned from a week of NaNo writing.

1. Deadlines and goals are good things.

2. I can set aside time to write. The key is DOING it.

3. First drafts can be wonky. In fact, they should be.

4. Having friends along for the journey is the best part.

5. I'm ravenous after a writing session. Having healthy snacks available is imperative. Leftover Halloween candy is dangerous.

6. Two thousand words a day no longer seems like a lot.

I don't know how these lessons will translate into my other creative pursuits, but I'm anxious to find out.

3 Other Creative Souls are Saying:

Being Beth said...

Yeah!!!! TAWANDA!!!!!

I posted my Week #1 lessons on my blog too, as per your suggestion. If you slip over there, you will also find that I'm unabashedly posting my daily installments of my nanonovel too. I'm finding that just that little bit of reader pressure makes me write cleaner, and also motivates me -- I'm hard wired to love an audience. What can I say?

Also, glad you got inspired on your earlier novel -- I always liked that and wanted more. Maybe more will be in our funture, huh???? (HINT). I just saw I wrote a typo on FUTURE -- but decided to leave it - -I kind of like the word "FUNture." LOL

Happy Writing!

DebD said...

Leftover Halloween candy is dangerous.

Bwahahaha! That was funny!

I bet it must be grand to have friends along with you.

Sunny said...

Very good points! I'm so excited for you doing this!

Oh and I gave you a blog award! Check out the post on my blog about it!